When emergency contraception doesn't work/you didn't have it

Hi everyone at HANX!

I’ve got in touch on here before as I am new(ish) to the UK and used to different regulations around contraception. I recently had a friend terminate an unplanned pregnancy and from what I could tell it was a lot more straightforward here than it would have been in my hometown. I’m wondering if anyone can let me know how this works?

Also any tips you have for supporting people who might be going through this, as I can imagine it isn’t easy!

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Hi Becky!

I have to say I don’t know much about the process myself but in terms of supporting your friend I’m sure as long as you make it clear you are there for her to talk to and not judging at all it will be greatly appreciated :heart:

Good luck and sending love to you and your friend xx

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Hey @BeckyH

Thanks for sharing this - you’re right, unplanned pregnancy can be a difficult time and something many people find tricky to navigate, from where to go for help, to how to manage the effects. I’m glad to hear your friend found the process straightforward and I hope she’s doing ok.

Firstly, these things happen, so this is not something one should place blame on themselves for. The main thing to take away from any unplanned pregnancy is ongoing contraception and picking something that is right for you if pregnancy is something you want to avoid again in the future. Emergency contraception and abortion should not be a regular thing people rely on. However, they are choices that are there to support and empower women and allow us to take control of our bodies and reproductive health.

Only a licensed clinic, NHS or private, can carry out abortions. Women in the UK are able to have an abortion free of charge on the NHS, which funds over 90% of all abortions. There are many ways to access abortion services, including impartial advice and support from:

  • Contacting a service directly: British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS), Marie Stopes UK and the National Unplanned Pregnancy Advisory Service (NUPAS)
  • See your GP who can refer you to the correct service
  • Visit a contraception, family planning of GUM clinic for a referral to an abortion service

I hope that helps?

It is really helpful for many others when women share their experiences so thank you for bringing this up! And @Jen_C is completely right in that support and care from friends is so important :heart:

Sarah x

Thank you so much @Dr.HANX_Co-founder!

It’s great to see simple information as sometimes google can feel overwhelming. Absolutely agree that no one should blame themselves and different options are right for different people! So far my friend is doing okay, but I will be there for her when she needs me. Thanks everyone :heart:

So great to see you supporting your friend @BeckyH Good luck! It’s so much easier when people talk about these things openly! Thanks for the tips @Dr.HANX_Co-founder :heart: