Let's Talk About Painful Sex

From endometriosis to vaginismus to post-partum soreness, we know that painful penetration can really put a dampener on your sex life. How do you experience pleasure outside of penetration? What advice would you share with someone going through it, too? This is your space. :blue_heart:

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Hi all, my wife struggled with this for years before our children were born and after. It became a real problem for us, as hurting her was the last thing I wanted to do so it made sex in general hard, knocking confidence etc.

For her, getting GP help was hard seemingly not at all understood, basic anaesthetic prescribed etc. we had a moment of realisation that this was linked to the contraceptive pill pre-kids and the hormonal changes during pregnancy/breast feeding etc. coming off the pill made all the difference and the pain went away immediately. Noticing the pain started a few months after starting the pill, and also linking the pain in prior relationships was important to this realisation.

This is just our experience of it, but the affects it has on a couple are significant aside from the obvious awful pain m itself