Hormonal Moodswings

Hi there!

I was hoping to maybe get some peoples input from their own experience - as I’m a bit overwhelmed by reading medical jargon online! I have been experiencing extreme hormonal mood swings around my period and would love to manage these. I am wondering if anyone has any tips? I’ve always stayed off birth control in the past (condoms are my friend) but I would consider this if I thought it would help.

Also open to any natural suggestions? Like any supplements or foods etc.?

It seems every week before my period I just have such a low mood :frowning: and I would love some advice on this/just to hear some other peoples experiences!

V x

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Hey Vannessa!
Sorry to hear about the mood swings :frowning: Period stuff can be so tough. I actually have been having a similar issue as my implant is about to run out - would love to hear if you have any thoughts on this!

I did used to have terrible period pain which I think makes everything 100 x worse, and for me contraception really helped with this. Do you experience pain as well?
Sending love and better moods <3

Hey @VanessaW

So sorry to hear about this, it’s pretty awful hey :frowning:

I know that taking the pill in the past helped me with my PMS and mood swings, so would defs recommend. The pill gets a bad rep sometimes but it definitely has it’s place and has some really good side effects - my skin was great on it too!!

Let us know how you get on xxx

Hey @VanessaW,

My partner struggled with a similar situation and also experienced bad side effects on the pill for mental health so was looking for natural options that would allow her to have a menstrual cycle (and all the benefits of a healthy one). She eventually found the book Period Repair Manual by Lara Briden, which I also read, and it changed her life. In a way, it also gave our relationship a really healthy push. She now understands her body and menstrual cycle on a whole new level and has way more control over her moods. It’s been pretty amazing to watch and see how she has grown from the insights gained. Really sorry to hear you’re having a difficult time, I can’t say what it’s like from my personal experience other than what I saw my own partner go through which was a real rollercoaster. But she found that book life-changing and it opened up all sorts of new resources and information. Really hope it can help you too :slight_smile:


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Hi @Harry thank you for your reply! I will definitely check out that book. How amazing to hear what a supportive partner you are :raised_hands: - these resources are definitely not just for women!! Has anyone else got any suggestions for books etc.? I will put any on hear if I hear about them! :hearts:

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I can also recommend Claire Baker’s book ‘50 things you need to know about your period’. It’s not strictly going into specific issues like Period Repair Manual does but if you decide to opt for a contraceptive option other than the Pill (or similar contraceptives that stop you from having a period) it’s a great and easy read!

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