Hormonal Moodswings

Hi there!

I was hoping to maybe get some peoples input from their own experience - as I’m a bit overwhelmed by reading medical jargon online! I have been experiencing extreme hormonal mood swings around my period and would love to manage these. I am wondering if anyone has any tips? I’ve always stayed off birth control in the past (condoms are my friend) but I would consider this if I thought it would help.

Also open to any natural suggestions? Like any supplements or foods etc.?

It seems every week before my period I just have such a low mood :frowning: and I would love some advice on this/just to hear some other peoples experiences!

V x

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Hey Vannessa!
Sorry to hear about the mood swings :frowning: Period stuff can be so tough. I actually have been having a similar issue as my implant is about to run out - would love to hear if you have any thoughts on this!

I did used to have terrible period pain which I think makes everything 100 x worse, and for me contraception really helped with this. Do you experience pain as well?
Sending love and better moods <3

Hey @VanessaW

So sorry to hear about this, it’s pretty awful hey :frowning:

I know that taking the pill in the past helped me with my PMS and mood swings, so would defs recommend. The pill gets a bad rep sometimes but it definitely has it’s place and has some really good side effects - my skin was great on it too!!

Let us know how you get on xxx