Coping in the heat!

Heyyy all. Slightly broad topic, but how is everyone coping in the heat?!

I’ve kept the blinds shut all day and have a fan aimed at me, but genuinely still finding it so hot. Any other tips?

Or, any good fan recommendations?!?! :joy:

Hey, Amy!

We feel you, it’s been pretty sweaty at HANX HQ these days… Here are a few hot weather hacks we’ve been relying on:

The Damp Flannel Trick
Running cool water over your wrists can really help you to chill out, or a damp, cool flannel on the back of your neck.

Light, Floaty Layers
It might seem counter-intuitive, but swapping denim hot pants for a light, loose layer in a light colour can help you feel cooler. Linen is a real winner as it’s breathable, shades your skin from the direct sun and protects you from burning.

Hold Back On The Pimms
It’s tempting to get stuck into ice cold pitchers of cold drinks, especially on the weekends when there’s no 7am wakeup call. If you’re boozing, make sure you’re staying hydrated and swapping in plenty of water. We add slices of cucumber or lemon to keep it interesting…

Cool Showers For All
If you’re struggling to sleep at night, a brief shower in cool water can really help to lower your temperature. We’ve heard from Australian friends that lightly dampening a pillow case, freezing it and removing just before bed can also help to make those sweaty summer nights bearable…

You can find more tips for keeping cool - and dealing with some of summer’s less welcome surprise guests - here on the blog.

Stay cool!

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Love this so much - thanks HANX! Even with the rain it’s still so humid, so just taking myself off for a cold shower…!

this arrived right in time! swapping my jeans for linen and buying a fan right about now :sweat_smile: