Low sex drive... help!

Hey :wave: I saw HANX have launched their new sex drive supplement, which I’ll give a go, but I’ve been having a really low sex drive recently. I’ve not changed contraception, and I’m not menopausal etc.

Any suggestions for how to get it back?

i’ve been having this too… would love to hear any advice xx

OMG low libido is so real (esp in women… I peak about this all the time with my girlfriends).

LOVEEEE that HANX has this new supplement, can’t wait to try it.

I don’t have any major tips but I have to say a new lingerie set always helps get me in the mood :slight_smile: as well as the environment (classic - low light, candles , i like music too etc). It sounds boring but feeling sexy really does make me get in the mood…

Good luck and keep us posted @MsLondon


That’s so difficult @MsLondon - hope you’re okay! Like @rosie , I find doing things like wearing nice underwear always helps. I think communication is really important too, and talking through what might be causing it - sometimes it’s not until I’ve spoken something through that I realise I’ve actually been really burnt out and stressed without realising it! Xx