HANX Presents The Blues

The Blues. Blue balls. All the worst things tend to be blue. Today, Monday 18th January, is said to be the most depressing day of the year - also known as Blue Monday.

The Blues: a pervasive feeling of melancholy or sadness.

To be honest, there’s a lot to feel blue about right now. From love lives in lockdown to distant memories of lunch-turned-dinner-turned-it’s-WHAT-o-lock-in-the-morning hangouts, we’re all experiencing the tough realities of living as an isolation nation. Job-wise, relationship-wise, human-being-wise: we’ve never been more under pressure and many of us are dealing with pre-existing or newfound mental health issues including anxiety, stress, burnout and depression on top. :brain:

Join us as we switch up our feed to bring you the content you actually wanna read right now, from discussing the new age of intimacy in a post-isolation world with a sex toy pioneer, to exploring the disparity behind public/private personas with an original lifestyle influencer and the importance of establishing everyday rituals with one of the minds behind our favourite cult coffee brand. Oh, and we’ll be digging deep to discover the links between hormonal contraception and mental health. :cyclone:

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love this, we should be talking about mental health more!

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Yes! :clap: I know listening to HAIM on my 1 hour of exercise a day helps clear my mind and gives me a much-needed screen break. How about you?

Well done this is fab - I really enjoy the midnight polls you post on your Instagram…helps with the insomnia thats often brought on by stress. X

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Love the openness and honesty behind this campaign great work team HANX. I have found that fresh air and time in nature (even in just 20 mins a day) has helped me heaps this lockdown and especially this winter xx

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So glad you loved them and I hear you, stress seems inescapable right now. Here are some of Team HANX’s tips for switching off, hope they help!

This! Even a quick walk round the block between calls works wonders for me!

I love the post…man I’m craving a boy smells candle!

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really liked reading about making sex toys and pleasure more accessible to everyone.

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So glad you enjoyed!

Blazing a Cedar Stack as we speak!

Late to the party but loved this. Hard to see lots of brands and companies using it as an excuse to sell things Thanks x